Carnival Games with a twist

Carnival Games in your pocket!

Experience the thrill of classic carnival attractions in the palm of your hand. From skill-based challenges to whimsical mini-games,  prizes, and endless fun.
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the story

In The Carnival Factory game, your mission is to craft and nurture your personalized avatar's happiness. Engage in a delightful array of games, triumph to earn tickets, and indulge in the joy of acquiring prizes, including stylish clothing and accessories. Be mindful, though – should you neglect your avatar and refrain from playing games for consecutive days, their mood may dip, requiring your attention to uplift their spirits once again. It's a captivating journey of joy, challenges, and endless amusement.  Game is coming soon!

Custom Avatar

Create your avatar and choose your hair style, shirt, pants, shoes and even add some accessories.

Select a Game

Select a game from ball toss, balloon darts, basketball & throw the ring.

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it's all fun & games

Brace yourself for a cascade of thrilling games that will push your skills to the limit!
Earn festive tickets in our carnival games to unlock a  prizes & accessories!
Strive for elevated scores in every game!
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Game boosts

Need a Mood Boost?

If your avatar mood is down from not playing the game, a quick way to help boost their mood is to buy a snack from the cafe. A slice of pizza or cold glass of lemonade may be the quick solution to boost your avatar's mood and get back to fun!

Look Good...Play Good!

Another way to boost your avatar's mood is to use some of your tickets from playing games to purchase new clothing items or accessories to make your avatar stand out or purchase other prizes from the carnival store!